What is Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority? How to check DA?

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If you have a blog or website, then it is very important to know what is Domain Authority. Domain authority or DA is involved with the “search engine traffic” and “SEO” of a website. Therefore, it should not neglect the issue as Blogger.

For this reason, in this article, I will tell you all about “Domain Authority”.

What Is Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority
What is Domain Authority

Domain authority is a search engine ranking score issued by Moz organization/company.

With this Domain Authority Score, the ability of any website to rank in search engines is estimated.

How well a website has the ability to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs) can be estimated through DA score.

This means that the higher the domain authority score of any website, the higher the website will be able to rank better in search engines than other websites with lower DA.

Therefore, this process is considered as a very important search engine ranking factor.

For example,

You and I have written an article on the same topic.

So, now Google will put the article written by whom at the top of its top search result page?

If your website’s DA score is higher than my website’s DA score, chances are that Google will show your article on its top search result page compared to my article.

So, having a higher DA score means that your ability to rank your website in the Google search engine is also higher.

Domain authority, any website can be from 1 to 100. And, the more, the better for your website.

However, websites within the DA 20 to 50 have the ability to easily rank most low competition keywords.

We can increase the domain authority score of our website through various means.

And, this process of increasing DA is followed by “Off page SEO”.

How to check the domain authority of your website?

We have so many free websites to check DA score.

For example, we can easily check the domain authority site of any website by going to the site checker domain authority checker website.

Domain authority checker
Domain authority checker

As you can see in the picture above, you have to go to the website and enter the “URL ADDRESS” of your website in the “authority checker box”.

Then, when you click on the search option, below you will be shown the DA score of your website.

Moreover, we have many more online DA score checker tools to check the authority of the website.


  1. ahrefs authority checker tool 
  2. Seoreviewtools.com
  3. Moz link explorer

So friends, let’s use the tools above, you can easily know the DA score of your blog and website.

How to increase the domain authority of the website?

As I said before, the more you increase the domain authority of your website, the more its ranking potential in the search engine will increase.

So, every blogger and website owner works hard to increase the DA score of their blog and website.

And, you can also increase the authority of your website domain by using some of the various Off page SEO techniques.

So, below, we know some of the ways to increase domain authority.

5 tips to increase DA score fast

1. Write a high quality article

Publish high quality and original articles on your blog. Articles or content that people like to burn a lot of the time, and articles that provide all kinds of information related to the subject of the article.

Good and high quality content will come in handy in any case, your blogging career. And, it is very important to increase the DA score.

2. On page SEO

On page SEO has to work in a better way. This on page SEO provides a very important part of your website’s DA score. In this case, you need to pay attention to some special On page SEO factors such as page titles, keyword placement, keyword density, image optimization.

3. Interlinking articles

DA score can be increased by using internal linking technique properly. However, it is important to use internal linking properly.

You can reduce the average bounce rate of the website through internal linking. (Lower bounce rate means that visitors to your website expect more time reading your articles.

And, it will definitely increase the authority of the website.

Internal linking is a process where, when writing an article on the blog, adding links to other articles related to the subject of that article.

For example,

As you may have noticed, in this article I have added links to some of the articles I have already written related to SEO.

In this way, those who are reading my articles will find more information and Google search bots will easily find and crawl my articles.

In order to increase the DA score of the blog, it is very important to do internal linking.

4. Publish regular articles

How many articles a month you publish on your blog, however, will have a huge impact on the DA of the blog.

If you want to increase the domain authority of the blog quickly, then publish at least 15 to 20 articles a month.

In this way, the DA of the blog will increase rapidly.

However, if you stop publishing regular articles, then the chances of reducing domain authority are much higher.

So, always keep in mind to publish a regular article on the blog.

5. Generate high quality backlink

Creating high quality backlinks for your blog is not an easy task. However, if you can create, then with the increase of DA, your website’s ability to rank in search engines will increase rapidly.

However, keep in mind that most bloggers or website owners use some low quality link building strategies to easily create backlinks.

For example, fiver, directory submission or spam commenting techniques.

However, using this type of technique, only low quality backlinks can be created and as a result, your blog’s search engine ranking increases rather than decreases.

So, this kind of process of creating backlinks is very harmful to your blog.

But, what are the best ways to “create high quality backlinks”?

Our last word,

So, friends, I hope you know what domain authority is, how to check domain authority and how to increase the DA of a website.

Remember, it will take a long time for the DA of a new domain or website to increase. All you have to do is write a good article, create a good backlink and share your articles on social media sites.

This will increase the DA of your website as soon as possible.

Finally, keep in mind the importance of publishing a regular article on your blog.

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